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RL Motor Factors

RL Motor Factors Ltd., opened their car, truck and tractor parts shop in Charleville back in 1983. Many years on and RL Motor Factors has gone from strength to strength, supplying quality car parts to independent garages all over Cork and Limerick as well as supplying retail customers from the Charleville (Rath Luirc) area. The Motor Shop was established later to focus on the local Charleville car enthusiast market. You can depend on the experienced team in the shop or on the phone to help you find the right part for your motor car, commercial vehicle or farm tractor.

Cabin Air Filters
As a large supplier of car and light commercial/van filters throughout Cork and Limerick, RL are happy to offer the latest in Cabin Air Filter technology which provides added comfort, protection and safety for both driver and passengers. Cabin Filters are now fitted as standard in most cars, vans and commercial vehicles today and are becoming more common in heavy-duty off-highway applications. According to the European Environment Agency, 90% of city dwellers in Europe are exposed to high levels of pollutants. Asthma, Hay Fever and other allergy sufferers are impacted even more. The standard Cabin Filter (sometimes known as a Pollen Filter) reduces the amount of airborne pollutants and particles entering the interior of a vehicle by capturing dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants.

The Activated Carbon or Combi Cabin Air Filter version provides even more comfort and protection for asthma, Hayfever and allergy sufferers by removing gaseous pollutants and odours as well. The Cabin Filter when properly serviced and changed (at least once a year) will continue protecting driver and passengers from airborne pollen, bacteria, dust and smog. Other benefits of a properly functioning Cabin Filter include helping to reduce dust and dirt accumulation in the vehicle’s interior, improving demister operation in high moisture conditions and increasing air conditioning/heater output and performance. Contact RL Motor Factors today for your replacement car, van or truck cabin air filter.

Mann+Hummel Filters
Poor quality air makes you tired, irritates your eyes and respiratory tract. Mann Cabin filters ensure improved comfort and fresh air in your car, as they clear the air entering the vehicle of dust, pollen, soot and other pollutants – precisely those substances which are causing health problems for asthmatics, hay fever sufferers  and those with allergies.

Like all filters, however, Mann cabin air filters also have to be changed regularly. As a general rule, they should be serviced at one-year intervals or after every 15,000 km traveled. Misty windows, a stuffy cabin and a malfunctioning air conditioning system are also sure signs that replacement is necessary.

Next time you are changing your cabin air filter, play it safe and choose a patented high-tech filter from Mann & Hummel. Mann filters are a perfect fit and of verified original equipment (OE) quality. Detailed installation instructions are included and mean that fitting the filter is quick and easy.

Visit the Motor Shop in Charleville or call 063-89788 for all your cabin filters, car care products, travel accessories, tractor spares, light commercial vehicle/van parts and all your motor parts needs.

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