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Finer Filters Limited


Finer Filters Ltd was incorporated in 1989 and is a family owned business, located in Midleton in County Cork. Our experienced staff are available to help our customers in all aspects of the filter business.

In 2006 the company redefined its business criteria to become a “One stop Shop” for heavy duty machinery and equipment operators in Ireland and is now acknowledged as the only outlet that can offer a “Bumper to Bumper” service for all types of heavy duty filters.

This business criterion is complimented by our value for money ethos. Mindful of customer budgeting constraints, we are constantly sourcing new suppliers and are never slow to pass on lower prices. As part of our operation we can offer an onsite analysis of your filter usage and include advice on reducing duplication of stock which is common in the industry. We also offer advice on filter disposal and waste oil handling.

Quality is assured with all suppliers participating in up to date ISO and or SGS certification. In addition, for the security and peace of mind of customers and in compliance with good trading practice, Finer Filters Ltd has its own Product Liability Policy in place.

Filter brands distributed by Finer Filters include:
Baldwin, Donaldson, Fleetguard, HiFi Filters/Jura Filtration, SF Filters, Sure.

Cabin Air Filters

As a large supplier of car and heavy duty filters in Ireland, we are happy to offer the latest in Cabin Air Filter technology which provides added comfort, protection and safety for both driver and passengers in today’s driving conditions. Cabin Air Filters are fitted as standard in most cars and commercial vehicles today and are becoming more common in heavy-duty off-highway applications. According to the European Environment Agency, 90% of city dwellers in Europe are exposed to high levels of pollutants. Asthma, Hay Fever and other allergy sufferers are impcted even more. The standard Cabin Air Filter (sometimes known as a Pollen Filter) reduces the amount of airborne pollutants and particles entering the interior of a vehicle by capturing dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants.

The Activated Carbon or Combi Cabin Air Filter version provides even more comfort and protection for asthma, Hayfever and allergy sufferers by removing gaseous pollutants and odours as well. The Cabin Air Filter when properly serviced and changed (at least once a year) will continue protecting driver and passengers from airborne pollen, bacteria, dust and smog. Other benefits of a properly functioning Cabin Air Filter include helping to reduce dust and dirt accumulation in the vehicle’s interior, improving demister operation in high moisture conditions and increasing air conditioning/heater output and performance. Contact us today for your replacement car or truck cabin air filter.

AutoSock Snow Socks

We are also official Irish distributor for AutoSock snow socks. AutoSock are reusable tyre snow socks which you slip over the driving wheels of cars, vans or trucks when you want extra grip on ice or snow. They are simple and quick to fit and remove and are silent and smooth in use, unlike snow chains.

AutoSock snowsocks have a unique technical fabric which increases the available friction to give truly extraordinary grip, significantly better than winter tyres when used in snow.

AutoSock, based in Norway, created and developed this concept and own the relevant European patents, although inferior copies appear from time to time. AutoSock products have been tested and approved both by the German TUV and by most car manufacturers.

First Responder & HazMat

Finer Filters Ltd are also distributors in Ireland for a range of emergency response and contamination control products including:

Chemical Boots
Decon Brushes
Elevation Grids
Hazmat Leak Control Kits
Hazmat Non Sparking Tools
Hazmat Overpack Drums
Hazmat Reactive Badges
Hazmat Remediation Tools
Hazmat Safety Eyewear
HazMat Suits
HazMat Victim Care
HGV Snow Tyre Covers
Marine Safety Helmets
Mass Casualty Decon Showers
Protective Gloves
Decon Showers

Heavy Duty Filters

The heavy duty filter range stocked in our Midleton warehouse include: Air Filters, Oil Filters, Cabin Filters, Fuel Filters, Fuel/Water Separators, Fuel Filter/Regulators, Centrifuges, Coolant Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Lube Filters, Transmission Filters, Bypass filters, Air Dryers and more.

Contact Liam today at 021-463-8727 for more information

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