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Des Ryan Water Solutions

Des Ryan Water Solutions

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Des Ryan Water Solutions have many years of experience in both the commercial and the domestic water treatment industry in Ireland. We have the ability to engineer any project in an effort to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, efficiency, functionality or operation. Although our primary markets are the Munster area, we will consider projects from further afield.

We have worked closely with the region’s most reputable building owners, general contractors, construction managers, management companies, architects and engineers. We are proud of our quality workmanship and are committed to providing the highest standards of quality, productivity, safe and on-time work.

For more information, technical advice and site visit or to tender for any projects you may have in hand, please contact: Des Ryan on Lo-Call: 0818 33 31 33 or by mobile at 087-9121561

Des Ryan Solutions stock a range of water conditioners including pH. Correction Units, Sand/Turbidity Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Hydrogen Sulphide Removal & Nitrate Removal Filters. These Water Conditioners are available in varying sizes depending on the application and with or without Backwashing Controllers.

We also stock an extensive range of filter housings & filter cartridges for various applications. Filters available for sand, sediment, clay, taste & odours, bacteria, rust etc. They are available in disposable and washable cartridges from 5 to 150 microns.

Our water treatment and product range includes:
Eco-Water Softeners
Filters & Filter Housings
Puricom Water Softeners
Rainwater Harvesting Filters
Reverse Osmosis Filters
Resin & Media
Secondary Filtration
Ultra Violet Disinfection
Water Coolers
Well Water Filters

As an agent of EPS, Des Ryan Water Solutions are authorised resellers of Everpure filters and Eco-water softeners in Ireland. Other brands include Atlas Filtri, Culligan, Filox & Birm, Sterilight.

Everpure treats your mains water supply to give you water that is purer – and fresher – than bottled water and much much cheaper.

The Everpure Drinking Water System (a certified barrier to cryptospiridium) removes all off-tastes and odours but leaves all nature’s beneficial minerals. Everpure treated water will improve the taste of your tea, coffee, soft drinks and even food cooked in water.

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