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Aqua Treatment

Aqua Treatment are proud to stock Kinetico water softeners and drinking water systems.

Kinetico water softeners and drinking water systems are both brilliantly designed and offer unrivaled reliability. As the world leader in water systems all Kinetico products are easy to use, offer unrivaled reliability and produce either the most luxuriously soft water or the ultimate in filtered drinking water on tap all day, every day.

Kinetico Advantages

  • Twin Tanks
    Unlike single tank water softeners, our unique twin-tank design guarantees you continuous soft water 24 hours a day. It doesn’t let hard water into your system!
  • Non Electric Water Softener
    With no plugs or using unnecessary electricity, our systems are easy to install with no programs to set, as the machine uses the natural flow of water.
  • 10 Year Guarantee
    Kinetico products are renowned for their quality and reliability. To give you peace of mind, all our 2020c and 2050c models come with a 10 year guarantee.
  • 40 Years Experience
    With 40 years experience in the water treatment industry, Kinetico invented the world-leading, twin-tank, non-electric system. Nothing beats it.

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